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Aluminum Cuff Ruler
Use to easily mark cuff width.
12 inch long.
1 1/4 inch Wide - $3.95
1 1/2 inch Wide - $4.50
1 3/4 inch Wide - $4.95
Tailors Square
Aluminum tailors square for
quick and accurate layout.
Calibrated on both sides.
24" X 14"
$19.95 each
Curve Stick
Aluminum tailors curve for
use on lapel, pants and skirt
contours.Calibrated on both sides.
$16.95 each
See-Thru Dressmakers Ruler
Use this tool for marking bias strips, buttonhole and trim placement.Inches and metric measurement.
$4.95 each
Tape Measure
Fiberglass reinforced tape 60" long
one side has inches one is metric.
With crotch piece(as pictured) or without
crotch piece.
.59c each
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